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download partners Best Freeware Download - Best freeware downloads available everyday on one site Has best free smtp service and that too free email marketing software has email harvester,email harvester free, you can get free smtp server,free smtp service, to parse extract emails from a website,and even extract emails from facebook,or extract email addresses, extract emails, extract emails from text, using AB bulk Mailer as email grabber AB bulk mailer best tool for "network marketing" AB bulk mailer best tool "network sales", AB bulk mailer best tool "affiliate marketing", AB bulk mailer best tool "online sales"

Presenting AB Bulk Mailer (Christmas Edition) .. most popular email marketing software, bulk mailing software, and email scheduling software that sends 7,00,000 business emails per day FREE. Try it. This is a right tool for business. This tool can change the destiny of your company within days.

Increase the reach of your business through our email marketing mass mailing software. Send 1 millions of mails to your customers free. AB Bulk Mailer, developed by high end engineering innovations, can solve all your bulk mail email marketing problems. Try it free for unlimited period. The software is free up to sending mails to 5 contacts. You can send mails yourself with out paying third party email marketing companies. The software comes with a multi threaded scheduling system, which allows you schedule sending mails and mails go automatically to all your contacts. You can be out of office for months but your promotion mails go as if sent by you one by one. You can use your company email address to send mails. If you do not have you can create multiple gmail and yahoo accounts and enter in the software. The software will automatically email your scheduled mails using pooling. AB bulk mailer is a world's top bulk mailing and email marketing tool and can send thirty thousand mails per hour. This emails software can be used to send mailing mailists used scheduled times, manually and in many other modes. The software is been seen as top email marketing tool. Being world's most popular email scheduling software, yo can send unlimited emails to your customers free. So what are you waiting for. This tool is definitely for you. We believe if this tool is used by a right person/company it can change the destiny of the company. Main features of AB Bulk mailing software are:- Bulk rates , bulk mailing rates, bulk mailing services, bulk sms solutions, grab from google, can send scheduled mails when you are out of office. allows you to create contacts and scheduled mails. Built-in email extractor through whichyou can grab email addresses from any website. Sends 30,000 emails per hour free. So it is the fastest email marketing software. sends personalized emails. great email extractor allows import/export of contacts to Text format/Excel. allows both text format as well as HTML. supports auto emailing feature. bulk mail rules Allows you to create unlimited schedules, mail attachments. When your clients reply to your mail, you get informed on a single email ID. cheap bulk mail rates Allows you to use both free pop servers like gmail, yahoo etc and also any popup server. Sends mails free of cost. It allows you to send mails yourself. You do not need to hire people for email marketing.

AB Bulk mailer, worlds best selling email marketing software, with built-in email extractor, email verifier, twitter poster, bounce checker, facebook poster for a lifetime use. No monthly charges. Imagine how many orders you get when your sales mail goes to 1 million people every day.

Price slashed to $22 offer valid till 16 Feb 2016

3333 copies of AB Bulk Mailer sold across 150+ countries

A)We not responsible for any misuse of this software. B)New version 9.0 can send 5,00,000 mails per day; existing customers can download it free from this web site. Latest version was uploaded on 14-FEB-2015. B) AB Bulk Mailer is world's top bulk mailer on softonic and tucows from last 4 years. Promote your business online free and fast through AB Bulk Mailer Christmas Edition .. most popular email marketing software, bulk mailing and email scheduling software that sends emails every day FREE using multiple gmail, yahoo, msn , godaddy,gmx, etc or your web site/VPS or any smtp server like verizon, amazon etc. Allows to send/schedule personalized/bulk mails in text/HTML format.Allows import/export of contacts from text files/excel/gmail/facebook/craigslist/kijiji.The software has an advanced lead generation,lead management and targeted marketing features. Allows to send mails base on day and hour limit. Contains free email verifier that allows to verify 500 email addresses at a time. It contains free email extractor through which you can grab email addresses from any web site. facebook, youtube and craigslist etc and by using google search .You can also surf internet and grab contacts automatically. Designed for higher inbox delivery and no mail ID blocking .Automatic unsubscription.It allows you to send mails yourself. No need to hire people for bulk mailing agencies.Has a very powerful email scheduler.
Allows you to check bounced mails, inboxes, health of smtp servers. You can also add any smtp server to it and send 30,000 per hour. Allows you to send unique mails.100% inbox delivery.It has a powerful email scheduler through which you can schedule mail sending to contact groups Has a world class contact grouping. Contains free gmail checker that prevents accounts from getting blocked .Allows you to track what mails were sent. Sends mails with full intelligence. The software allows extracting mails from craigslist, twitter, youtube, facebook and has built in automatic tweet poster that posts tweets to twitter and promote your business online. The software allows you to promote your business by posting to facebook and twitter. AB Bulk mailer is top downloaded sales and marketing software in the world.

Message from Software Architect/CEO: --> AB Bulk Mailer invented on christmas day of 25 Dec 2010, after a small order from a travel and tour operator,We3Holidays, has revolutionalized the world of direct and targetted marketing. The company built this product in garage using world's best brains and this invention is a handy friend for an invotaor, a small business man, a startup, entrepreneur, a person whose business has failed, a person or company who has developed an idea, product or service and wants to promote it worldwide,using mail and social media or even a student who wants to send CV's for jobs.

We at AB Objects are spending our days and nights in building this product every day so that the person who has a dream wins finally. We believe in technology and not fancy colors. You do your work we will take care of the rest of your marketing needs..

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AB Bulk Mailer. Description

AB Bulk Mailer is email marketing software that can be used by internet marketers to get their ideas or products in front of a large number of people. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business or service but it can be a bit time consuming if you don't have the correct tools. This bulk mailer will make it easy to quickly send out a large number of emails in the shortest amount of time.

AB Bulk Mailer. Detailed Overview

With AB Bulk Mailer you will be gaining access to powerful bulk mailing software that includes such features as a built-in email extractor, email verifier (which will allow you to verify 500 email addresses at a time), Facebook extractor, and Twitter poster. This software also states that you will enjoy a 99% delivery rate with personalized emails. You will be able to schedule and send personalized emails in either text or HTML format. You can import or export your contacts from text files, Excel, Facebook, Gmail, Craigslist, or Kiijii. The software also has lead generation, lead management, and targeted marketing features.

The email extractor will allow you to grab email addresses from any website, Facebook, Craigslist,, YouTube or any other site that you would like to use. You will also be able to surf the web and find email addresses automatically - greatly increasing the number of people that you can market to. Plus, this software has been designed to give you higher inbox delivery with no mail ID blocking. The powerful scheduler will allow you to set up your emails in advance and send them out anytime that you desire. You will be able to easily check bounced emails, inboxes, and the health of your smtp servers. You will be able to add any smtp server to this software and it will be able to send 30,000 emails every hour. But, this isn't just generic sending - this software send emails with full intelligence.

AB Bulk Mailer. Reputation

People who are using AB Bulk Mailer like that it makes email marketing quicker and more effective. Others like that in comes with all the features necessary to make email marketing a cost and time effective method of marketing. If you have been struggling with your email marketing campaigns - not getting the returns that you desire - then you will want to take a look at AB Bulk Mailer.




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