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send emails free

Send bulk emails free using AB Bulk Mailer, the world’s leading email marketing Software. AB Bulk Mailer has all the attributes that a distinct marketing campaign demands. It is a dominant software for mass mailing. You can send thousands of emails at once for free. AB Bulk Mailer offers you the best way to send bulk emails so that you can target a huge customer base using AB Bulk Mailer software can keep a constant check on the adequacy of SMTP servers added in the software to send emails. The software has the technology to send the emails in bulk without spamming. This Software has wonderful technology which allows the emails to land directly in the email inbox of the customers. AB Bulk Mailer makes bulk email marketing a task of some minutes for you. Any business whether big or small can use this wonderful invention from Advanced Business Objects to target billions of customers worldwide. AB Bulk Mailer has authenticated itself as the best bulk email software

AB Bulk Mailer is an exceptional email program. You can import the email contacts from the text files, excel files and CSV files. You can add any SMTP server by sending them the required number of emails per day absolutely free of charge.

You can send thousands of emails in bulk without the senders getting blocked. AB Bulk Mailer has powerful technology which enables it to prevent the accounts from getting blocked. You casoftware. You can create personalized emails, have different email subjects, and can send them to the billions of targeted customer base worldwide. AB Bulk Mailer is an amazing Email Marketing Software & Email Automation Tool which certainly produce guaranteed results. You can schedule your emails as per your necessity and can do lots of operations with this software. It gives you a great bulk email marketing service, Download it now and analyze it for free. No regular payments.


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